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Oldcastle Precast® Packaged Wastewater Treatment Systems
Featuring Patented Algaewheel® Technology

Oldcastle Precast® provides Green solutions for package plants and distributed / decentralized wastewater treatment applications, whether with tertiary treatment or for use with subsurface discharge.  Oldcastle’s cornerstone system is the AlgaePac™.  Typical applications include: commercial, educational, institutional, and industrial facilities, as well as cluster-housing, subdivisions and rural communities.

Algaewheel® technology is at the heart of our systems and provides a diverse ecological environment for effective wastewater treatment using the symbiotic relationship between algae and bacteria.

  Sustainable Wastewater Systems Design

Primary treatment in the Oldcastle systems is performed by algae, a green plant grown through photosynthesis, in a symbiotic relationship with bacteria, thus yielding a very sustainable design.  Algae:

  • Use Solar Energy
  • Remove nitrogen and phosphorous
  • Convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and renewable biomass
  AlgaePac Wastewater Systems Benefits/Advantages

  • Low energy usage
  • Tertiary treatment
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Low maintenance for simple technology
  • Advanced ecological treatment using environmentally sensitive methods


  Why Package Plants?

  • Factory produced concrete structures are cast in controlled environmental conditions for the highest quality
  • Pre-assembled components from Oldcastle factories provide for faster installation/construction at the project site.
  • Package plants can be used as stand-alone treatment systems, or as polishing systems to provide additional treatment to existing processes.


  Why Distributed or Decentralized Wastewater Treatment?

Distributed wastewater systems are used in locations where connecting to a sanitary sewer is not possible due to cost, availability, or where the municipal system is near capacity.  Distributed systems provide very effective and sustainable wastewater treatment near the source. Package plants can also be used for small rural communities.

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